7 Women answer the question: How do you learn to love yourself?

7 Women answer the question: How do you learn to love yourself?
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After yesterday’s amazing guest post about body shaming I realized how few of us are actually able to practice self-love . It’s not always other people that shame and criticize us, but it’s too often us who criticize ourselves. This is some destructive behavior that will sooner or later have a negative impact on our life, our health, our mind and our self-esteem.

Loving yourself is not an easy task. I can tell you I have huge difficulties with that topic. I’m always super fast in criticizing myself and finding something about me that I don’t like.

So how can we learn to love ourselves? What can we do to show ourself more love, more appreciation and just more acceptance of who we are? These women are trying to answer the question:

It’s so true. I think we are our worst enemies and the funny thing is that we wouldn’t tolerate that kind of treatment from our friends for a second. So before we expect our friends to treat us with love and respect we should start with that first. And remember it is absolutely okay that not everyone likes you.

YES! Write it all down. All the sh*tty and all the nice things. It makes a difference when you actually have something on paper. This could be a form of healing journaling and I’m pretty sure some thoughts will seem almost ridiculous once they are not in your head anymore.

One thing is for sure. You are the only person that will be stuck for life with yourself so we all better learn now how we can be our biggest fan. I mean thinking like being a mother for ourselves could be perfect, since our mum is usually one of our biggest fans. I’m sure it sounds a little weird at first, but it basically means to take care and nurture us in the best possible way.

Just let go – it sounds so easy and yet it is so f***ing hard. It is definitely something I need to practice. Like I’ve sad before I am mastering the degree in self criticizing. A part of loving myself is to shut up that inner critic of mine and be gentle and forgiving about my flaws and mistakes.

Such a great advice – push your limits! Step into new territory and try something new once in a while. Do something that you believe you cannot do and you’ll probably be surprised. Push yourself to stand up to that bully or go for that pay rise. You can do it!

Β Next to pushing your limits you should also step out of your comfort zone and see where it leads you. It’ll probably be even more amazing then you can imagine. Travel alone, treat yourself to dinner, start a podcast or learn a new language. Just do stuff! Have some fun and don’t even start to think about why other MIGHT think. Just unconditional love for you and your needs and interests.

If there is one thing to take away from this post is, that it is TIME TO PRACTICE SELF-LOVE! You deserve to be loved – especially by you- and you need to stop wasting your time with hating yourself.

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  • Tami January 19, 2018 Reply

    Love this post! Self-love is so important and it’s interesting to read different women’s take on how to learn to love yourself. πŸ™‚

  • Amy TErry January 19, 2018 Reply

    Changing your self talk is this biggest for me! I love reciting affirmations from God’s Word about my true identity in Him.

  • Linda January 20, 2018 Reply

    Love this! Every woman I know goes through this on the daily (myself included). I love the idea of writing it all down and comparing – it will be a true eye opener, I’m sure!

  • Brook January 20, 2018 Reply

    I love the style of your post. And I love the content. You are completely right, I think sometimes we are our own worst enemies. Definitely we are our harshest critics. Your tips are great for bringing awareness to what we are doing to ourselves. Thank you! I am excited to track my negative self talk and find awesome replacements!

  • Hannah | lovely little lives January 20, 2018 Reply

    The negative thoughts and self doubt can take us down so easily! Learning to combat that internal negativity is a big part of loving ourselves.

  • Nicole January 20, 2018 Reply

    Learning to love yourself may be one of the hardest things to do because women are usually brainwashed by the “ideal version” of what a woman should be and look like. Once we decide that we are perfect the way we are, loving yourself will be much easier. Great post. <3

    • Carolin January 20, 2018 Reply

      Thank you so much and you’re absolute right <3

  • suresh lukhi January 25, 2018 Reply

    Nice And Wonderful info,it’s really so useful post,thank you for sharing…


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