A Very Netflix Christmas from 2007 to 2017

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The Christmas spirit continues. In my A to Z Christmas list I mentioned that I think cheesy Christmas movies are a must do during the holiday season. To follow up on that topic, I created a list of one movie per year from 2007 to 2017 (all available on Netflix). Now if that doesn’t get you into the holiday spirit I don’t know what will 😉

2007: The Radio City Christmas Spectacular

Probably everyone knows this one already, but I just love it. The Rockettes from New York’s Radio City Hall and their performances are just breathtaking. A show full of amazing costumes, choreographies and Christmas spirit.

2008: Holiday Baggage

This one’s for the drama lovers. A father reuniting with the family he left behind. After suffering from a heart attack, he returns home to his wife and his children. While trying to reconnect he learns how much he has actually missed.

2009: Santa Buddies

This is probably a fun movie especially for children, but of course also extreme dog lovers. Like you all can imagine these cute puppies will make sure that there’ll be a lot of chaos involved.

2010: The Search For Santa Paws

This ones maybe a little more grown up version of a doggy movie, but in my opinion still super amazing for children. What is the worst that could happen on Christmas – Santa losing his memory. That’s why dogs, children and elfs team up to save Santa and Christmas. Extremely cheesy but sooo cute.

2011: The Heart Of Christmas

Grab your tissues for this one, because this belongs to the department of the sad Christmas movies. The story is still sooo beautiful and if you want to watch something for the heart, then choose The Heart Of Christmas.

2012: Christmas Crush

If there is a Mean Girls version of a Christmas movie, it’ll probably this one. A lot of glitz and glamour and all of it just to win back the “one that got away”. Grab your girlfriends and enjoy the movie.

2013: Christmas In The City

For another romantic Christmas you should watch Christmas In The City. A mother and her daughter, a handsome store owner, an evil female counterpart and the hope for Christmas is all you need 😉

2014: An Evergreen Christmas

Going from Hollywood to a small town in Tennessee is quite a stretch, but that’s what the main character in this movie is doing. I think this is one for the whole family on a Sunday afternoon.

2015: Merry Christmas

This is one of my other favorites. It is just soooo cute and you’ll probably be in a better mood afterwards. Well if you are a fan of romance once in a while that’s the one for you.

2016: Christmas Ranch

After dog movies, there’s of course also a movie with a horse. The story is not really new: Rebellious teenager gets send to her Grandmother’s farm and develops a deep connection with one of the horses. Well it’s Christmas so I’ll forgive the unoriginality.

2017: A Christmas Prince

Last but not least the brand new Netflix Christmas movie “A Christmas Prince”. A reporter going undercover in the royal world to get the latest gossip on the handsome prince. We all know how that ends. It doesn’t get much cheesier than that, but I still love it!

Did you already watch one of these? Which one did you like best? Let me know below 🙂

Love, Carolin

A Very Netflix Christmas from 2007 to 2017

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  • Sara @ Magical Mama Blog December 11, 2017 Reply

    The Radio City Christmas Spectacular is a must watch every year! Excited to introduce my daughter to it this year!

    • Carolin December 11, 2017 Reply

      Yes absolutely I love it so much. I’m sure your daughter will love it too 🙂

  • chelsey December 12, 2017 Reply

    I don’t think I have seen any of these! Time for a Netflix day lol

    • Carolin December 12, 2017 Reply

      Haha! Why not work you way down from the earliest to the latest 😉

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