What Adopting A Dog Taught Me

Adopting Dog
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October 3rd 2016: We were so excited! We decided to foster a dog from Italy and today was the day it was arriving. So far we had only seen pictures and we expected a cute small dog.

Reality check: It is a shame no one captured our faces. Out of the box came a much bigger than expected, overweight but happy fella who was not quite sure what was happening and if we were actually trustworthy. That meant peeing only in the apartment since outside was way too scary and only sleeping with the lights on, since the darkness in unknown territory was freaking him out. So after we spent the first day with a lot of cleaning and not sleeping we were not sure what to expect.

Well let me tell you: In the weeks that followed we fell so in love with this hairy overload of cuteness that we decided to adopt him permanently.

Let me introduce this little munchkin to you:


His name is Pippo, he is about 8-9 years old and he is the cutest, most stubborn and extremely clever Dachshund-Mix I have ever met. He loves to eat (duh) and searching for food EVERYWHERE. He will also demand you to love and cuddle him, since that is his favorite activity apart from sleeping. Honestly there is nothing you can do but to fall in love.

So what did I actually learn from this experience so far?

You need time to adjust
Having a new pet can be a challenge at first. It means thinking about having enough money for proper food, beds & stuff and possible doctor’s fees. It also means comparing and adjusting schedules so that it doesn’t have to be too much alone. So you should really think this decision through, because nothing is worse than bringing this new family member to a shelter. But if you decide to go for it, it will be totally worth it.

You need support
I am so thankful to have parents who not only live close by and who are in love with him as much as I am. They will not hesitate to take care of him, whenever were have conflicting schedules or want to take a dog-free vacation. It is also a blessing that my boyfriend is able to take him to the office. Especially with work and social activities it is super hard to do it all by yourself. So however your support looks like, find it.

You will probably make a few mistakes and get a few heart attacks along the way
Did you know that it is likely, that when you’re dog is alone at home, he will eat tea lights, because apparently some ingredient in there is super yummy? No? Well I didn’t either and I almost died when I came home and found the tea lights without any wax left. Thank God, there is an animal emergency hotline… (No worries, it will digested like the rest of the food 😉 )

Your will power is going to be tested
Animals… they will challenge you and your will power. Who is more stubborn and who is the boss. It sometimes takes all the strength I have to stay calm and try to win this battle of wills, like I said in this case my dog is the most stubborn dog I have ever met.

Your heart will be all in
In the end, no matter what it will be the best love you will ever get. There is certain gratefulness and love that you will only get from adopted animals. The bond you will form is just irreplaceable. A dog doesn’t care that you gained 5 pounds or that you didn’t get the job. He will love you unconditionally no matter what and will always be so excited when he sees you (even if you just left the apartment to take out the garbage).

So adopt! No matter if it’s a dog, a cat, a guinea pig or even a cute little pet pig. Think it through and then JUST DO IT. Trust me on this one, you will not regret it.

Love, Carolin

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